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Rootana Metal Shaker

In an effort to keep plastic waste to a minimum, Rootana now offers a stainless steel shaker. The shaker is a highly efficient insulator, helping you to keep your Rootana shake as cold as possible. The metal design increases the lifespan of your shaker to over ten years, helping you to save money in the long run as it won’t need replacing.

The shaker is fully recyclable and is both BPA-free and DEHP-free, making it certifiably non-toxic. No more worrying about the effects of plastic packaging on your diet.

Despite its metal design, the shaker is incredibly lightweight, weighing just 170 grams when empty. The shaker is 100% guaranteed to be fully leakproof, with no worrying about it exploding in your bag or spilling down your shirt as you drink from it.

Thanks to its use of stainless steel, you can handwash your shaker within seconds. The wide opening at the top of the shaker makes cleaning quick and easy.

Each shaker comes with a mixing net, which fits perfectly into your shaker bottle and allows you to shake it as hard as possible without making any noise. Unlike regular shakers that can be heard a mile away!

Rootana Metal Scoop

The Rootana scoop is a high-quality stainless steel scoop that is perfect for measuring out your Rootana shakes. The scoop is very easy to clean and incredibly durable. No measurement needed. Just fill your scoop to the top with your Rootana powder and pour it into your shaker.

Most supplements come with cheap, plastic scoops that can break easily and are often thrown out immediately after the supplement is finished. These plastic scoops are not recyclable and will take decades to break down.

Why not break the cycle and invest in a scoop that can last you decades? Helping to cut down on plastic waste and providing you with a classy utensil that makes measuring your shakes quick and easy.

Rootana Pouch, bottle and scoop

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