Frequently Asked Questions

Rootana has been designed to provide a natural taste rather than an artificial one. For this reason, we use a tiny amount of naturally occurring coconut sugar to provide sweetness instead of using sucralose or stevia. The predominant taste of Rootana comes from the high-quality oat flour used in the formula. Rootana can also be blended with any number of healthy ingredients to create your own tasty shakes.

Rootana is a meal made from real food ingredients that provides you with 27 vitamins and minerals, alongside protein, fibre, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Unlike most complete meal shakes, Rootana avoids the use of artificial sweeteners, stevia, and sucralose. Instead, Rootana includes a small quantity of natural coconut sugar to sweeten its taste.

Rootana is a high protein, high fibre, meal replacement shake that contains 400 calories. It can make dieting easier, and can be an effective component of a calorie deficit diet. However, Rootana is not solely designed for weight loss, and it can also be used for healthy weight management or even building muscle.

There are a few reasons why Rootana avoids the use of artificial sweeteners. Many people dislike the taste of sweeteners such as sucralose or stevia, preferring natural flavours to sweeten their shakes. There are also people who are allergic or suffer from digestive issues when they consume artificial sweeteners. We wanted a shake that was suitable for all dietary needs.

No, Rootana isn't a meal replacement. It doesn't contain any of the unhealthy ingredients that are found in meal replacements and weight loss shakes. Rootana is real, healthy food ingredients that have been ground up and made into a shake.

Rootana doesn't contain sweeteners like sucralose or stevia, it doesn't contain added refined carbohydrates like maltodexrin or isomalulose.

Rootana contains real food ingredients and is flavoured by nature.

We believe that is it the healthiest complete meal brand on the market.

Grab your Rootana shaker and fill it with 500 ml of ice-cold water. Alternatively you can use a dairy or plant-based milk for a thicker shake. Add in 5 heaped tablespoons of Rootana powder (or if you have a Rootana metal scoop then add in 4 scoops). Tighten the lid and shake thoroughly for 10-20 seconds. Then you can either drink straight from the shaker, or pour into a glass.

Yes, Rootana uses pea protein isolate instead of whey protein and purposefully avoids all dairy products. So it is lactose free.

No, Rootana (unlike most other meal replacement shakes) does not use soy for protein or for carbohydrates. It uses pea protein isolate for its protein, and oat flour powder for its carbohydrates.

Yes, Rootana can fit into a healthy diet very easily, and has no side effects or controversial ingredients. Consuming it daily is perfectly safe, as well as being cost-effective and efficient.

Rootana can be used by anyone, it is high in protein, high in fibre, and packed full of micronutrients. Rootana is perfect for people who struggle to prepare healthy meals due to a busy lifestyle. It is also perfect for plant-based diets, and for people who prioritise natural, healthy foods that can be prepared in seconds.

Rootana is perfect for vegans. Not only is it completely plant-based, but it is also high in plant protein making it easier for vegans to hit their daily protein targets.

No, Rootana is not gluten-free. However, we are currently working on a gluten free version for the future.

One serving of Rootana (5 x tablespoons, 95-100 grams) contains 400 calories. However, you can decide upon your own serving size by changing how many grams of Rootana you add to your shake.

Yes. Rootana has an excellent micronutrient profile, and its ingredient list contains healthy fats, low GI carbohydrates, a lot of fibre, and top-quality plant-based protein.

Rootana contains oats, which are an allergen for a small number of people. Other than that, Rootana has made every effort to contain no other allergens. For this reason it is free from lactose, soya, and artificial sweeteners.

No, unlike most meal replacement shakes, Rootana is completely free from artificial sweeteners such as stevia or sucralose. Instead, Rootana gets its real food taste from real food ingredients, including a small amount of coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is extracted from the coconut tree sap and dried out in the sun before being added to Rootana.