How to Use Rootana

Rootana is a high-protein meal replacement shake that avoids the use of artificial sweeteners, colourings, and preservatives. Using natural foods to create a delicious 400-calorie meal can help you burn fat, build muscle, and improve your nutrition. But how to use Rootana? How often should you use it? What is the best way to mix it? This article will help you find out.

What Are Meal Replacements Used For?

Meal replacement shakes are mainly used to help with dieting or to save time and effort. But there are many reasons why people use meal replacement shakes. Here are some of the best:

Use #1 Time Saver

While many people struggle to eat healthily, some are pretty happy eating healthy foods, but they don’t have the time. Meal replacement shakes are perfect for people who barely get 10 minutes to eat their meal. Perhaps they have an important work meeting or three kids to feed alongside their own lunch?

When every second is precious, a meal replacement that only takes 30 seconds to make can be a lifesaver.

Use #2 Health

One often overlooked area is the number of healthy ingredients present within meal replacement shakes these days. Rootana is filled with wholesome oats, pea protein, flaxseed, and healthy fats. It also contains 20% of your recommended daily intake of 24 vitamins and minerals. This is healthier than most meals eaten and a great way to increase your fibre and protein intake.

Use #3 Dieting

Meal replacement shakes make dieting a lot easier as they are high in protein high in fibre and contain a fixed number of calories per serving. Giving you a lot of control over how much you consume each day. The shakes are highly satiating, making it easier to operate in a calorie deficit without giving in to hunger cravings.

Use #4 Weight Maintenance

One of the most underrated uses of meal replacement shakes is weight management or maintenance. It’s all very well losing weight, but keeping the weight off in the long term is better for your health and fitness.

Meal replacement shakes work for weight maintenance the same way they work for weight loss. They provide control and ease of use. Saving calories in one meal can allow you to be more flexible with your diet.

Use #5 Weight Gain

That’s right; meal replacement shakes can be used for gaining weight and building muscle. They are a great alternative to protein shakes or weight gain powders as they are more nutritious and have a better balance of macronutrients. Again, the calorie total gives you better control, and it is easy to add meal replacements into your diet. Often as a post-workout or split into two snacks.

How Many Meal Replacements Should I Take Per Day?

Most people consume one meal replacement per day, usually as a replacement for breakfast or lunch. But meal replacement shakes can also be taken twice or even three times per day.

Many studies into meal replacement shakes use them for two meals per day, or between 40 and 60% of total calories [1]. The studies that showed the best results had 2-3 meal replacement shakes per day, but these are usually short-term studies (under 18 weeks).

Taking three meal replacement shakes per day leads to excellent results and has high success rates compared to many diets. But taking one or two meal replacement shakes alongside receiving nutritional advice will have better long-term results as it helps you learn more about cooking healthily.

Bottom Line: Most people suit one meal replacement shake per day, possibly two. If you are taking three per day, then only do so for a few weeks at a time.

How to Use Rootana

Grab a shaker and fill it with 500 ml of cold water. Next, you want to pour in 5 heaped tablespoons of Rootana powder. This equates to 100 grams; you can use a set of scales if you want an exact measurement.

Once the powder is in, screw the lid of your shaker on tightly, and shake vigorously for ten seconds. Then you can drink it straight out of the shaker or pour it into a glass.

You can use your Rootana shake to replace one of your main meals or use it as a healthy snack.

Rootana Meal Replacement Ideas

While Rootana works well when combined with 500 ml of water and nothing else, there are several ways in which you can change the recipe.

Idea #1 Use milk or non-dairy alternative instead of water

Adding milk or a non-dairy alternative to your shake instead of water will offer you a creamier and more filling shake. Remember to adjust the calorie intake as milk is higher in calories than water. You can also use half milk and half water.

Using milk can help to bring out the unique flavours of your Rootana shake; it also provides a more filling option as milk is more satiating than water and higher in calories.

Idea #2 Create a Smoothie

This ties in nicely with idea #1. If you have a good quality blender, then mixing your Rootana powder with ice, fruit, and milk is a great way to create a delicious (and highly nutritious) high-protein smoothie. This will increase the calorie content, but not by much. It’s perfect for healthy weight gain but can also be used for weight maintenance and loss.

Idea #3 Iced Rootana Drink

Placing ice cubes and a zero-calorie syrup alongside your Rootana and some milk can create a gorgeous shake. Place the ice cubes above the grill rather than underneath before shaking, or blitz them together in a blender.

Check out this article for more tips for improving your Rootana

How to Use Rootana: Final Thoughts

Rootana can be used in several ways. As a snack, a meal replacement, or even a post-workout meal (if you want to build muscle). You can even use it while out and about. It can be taken with water, milk, or non-dairy milk alternatives, and it can be taken as a smoothie. Adding fruit, ice, zero-calorie syrups, and similar ingredients can help turn it into a great breakfast or lunch.

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