Rootana vs Yfood

Rootana vs Yfood Comparisons are often drawn between Yfood and Rootana, especially Yfood’s vegan powder. They’re both environmentally conscious companies and both hail from the UK, though differences become more […]

Rootana vs Purition

Rootana vs Purition Through the looking glass, it could be easy to confuse these two powerhouses in the world of meal replacement shakes. It’s fair to say they’re more similar […]

Rootana vs Abnormal

Rootana vs Abnormal With an increased focus on sustainability, Rootana and Abnormal have been compared in more environmentally conscious circles. We both take pride in reducing our impact to the […]

Rootana vs Soylent

Rootana vs Soylent When taking a look at both Rootana and Soylent, you can see a lot of similarities. For example, both are not only vegan friendly meal replacement shakes, […]